Yasmine - a case study

Yasmine, one of our service users shares her story. She recounts her journey from being street homeless through to having her own flat and going to college with the help of Anglia Care Trust. She shares the support she’s been given and the help she’s received along the way.

Hamam - housing support

Hamam, a Syrian refugee, talks about his experience of housing support from ACT. He explains his difficulties and how, with support, advice and action from ACT he was able to find accommodation and settle into a new life

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Service user - money advice

A description of the money advice that this service user received from ACT. Dealing with debts and negotiating with creditors, our advisers help service users to manage their money and to maximise their income


Service user - domestic abuse

One of our service users describes her experience with ACT’s domestic abuse team; one of our community safety services

Service user - multi-service support

Our service user gives us a great insight into the way in which ACT helped him to get his life back in order. After reaching a low point in his life, he was referred to ACT and received support in a number of areas such as housing and financial services to ensure a much brighter future.


Service user - receiving support and paying it forward

A story from an amazing service user who has been a victim of abuse, received help from an ACT support worker and decided to help others in her situation. We are always grateful to people that share their stories and know that they are a fantastic way of sharing the message that ACT provides support that really does help.