In the last year we have:

  • Assisted 594 people being released from prison to find suitable and sustainable accommodation – a prerequisite to settling back into the community and reduce re-offending.
  • Helped 30 people to move through our Supported Accommodation into independent living – all of these were offenders who have not offended whilst they have been supported by ACT, and 3 of which moved on after securing full time employment.
  • Provided 51 individuals and 26 families with temporary accommodation to avoid homelessness
  • Supported 11 rough sleepers off the streets in Suffolk Coastal to secure accommodation
  • Added 15 more properties to our Triangle Tenancy Scheme which opens up the private rented sector to vulnerable people who would not have been able to get a private rented property because they were on benefits or had no reference or guarantor.

Accommodation Based Support

The accommodation based support service provides short term housing support services for adults who are living in temporary accommodation.

The key aims of such services are to enable people to develop their skills in maintaining a home and assist them in finding a permanent home of their own. We have 50 units of accommodation across Suffolk, as well as managing temporary accommodation on behalf of St Edmondsbury District Council in Bury St Edmunds.

We maintain a waiting list for those whose immediate housing need cannot be met.

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Triangle Tenancy Scheme

The scheme is a response to a lack of accessible accommodation for vulnerable people who are able to live independently and ready to move into permanent accommodation.

We work closely with local private landlords, leasing 82 units of accommodation from them in order to sublet to those individuals who have successfully demonstrated their ability to manage a tenancy.

We provide the necessary tenancy management throughout the lifetime of the lease and we work closely with other support agencies to ensure individuals settle into an independent lifestyle.

This project is funded through a variety of grants. We are always looking for furniture and equipment for our houses so if you have anything you wish to donate, please contact our team on 01473 622888.

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Suffolk Offender Accommodation Project

We are commissioned by the Norfolk and Suffolk Probation Trust to deliver the SOAP project across Suffolk.

It has long been recognised that one of the key ways to reduce re-offending is to ensure that offenders have suitable and sustainable accommodation and this is the main aim of the project. Working across the county, with bases at Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds and Lowestoft Probation offices, we identify the best possible accommodation for each person referred to the service dependent on their individual needs. We recognise that everyone has different circumstances and as such, different housing needs and aspirations. Our trained Accommodation Support Officers assess each case, working closely with the Service User to meet these needs as closely as possible.

SOAP Service Users can be referred to ACT from Probation Services, Integrated Offender Management teams, other Criminal Justice Agencies and through self-referral.

As well as sourcing accommodation, we assess the Service User’s holistic needs and signpost them onto other agencies and services which may well assist them. The aim of the holistic approach is to:

  • Reduce homelessness and the cycle of homelessness.
  • Enable offenders leaving prison, institutional care, approved premises and other similar situations to access suitable and sustainable accommodation.
  • Reduce re-offending by achieving both of the above points
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Satellite Domestic Abuse Accommodation

We provide a much needed service across Suffolk Coastal District

We provide accommodation across Suffolk Coastal District for victims of domestic abuse who are excluded from the generic refuge provision, such as makes, those with substance misuse issues or severe mental health issues.

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Rough Sleeper Outreach Services

Funded by Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Governments (MHCLG)

and working in partnership with Ipswich Housing Action Group, this project aims to reduce rough sleeping in the areas of Ipswich and Suffolk Coastal. In its 6 months, we found secure accommodation for 11 rough sleepers in the Suffolk Coastal District.

We are really pleased to announce that the MHCLG, as part of their commitment to eradicate rough sleeping, have awarded Ipswich Borough Council more funding for the Rough Sleeper Initiative. ACT have been able to open a house which accommodates between 4 and 6 rough sleepers and provides them the support to adjust to living in shared accommodation, then supports them to find somewhere to live and move on to. In addition, we have been funded to provide an Inreach Support Worker to provide additional support to those rough sleepers as they move into their new accommodation, We are also working alongside IHAG and the Chapman Centre to provide volunteers to help open the centre at weekends.

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Housing First

We are really excited to announce our latest project – Housing First

Funded by the Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group and working in partnership with IHAG, we will be working to house and KEEP in housing some of the hardest to reach vulnerable people who have very poor housing histories of eviction, anti-social behaviour, health and debt issues. The principle of Housing First is to keep the accommodation in place, whatever happens, and then build the support needed around the individual. The project starts in November and we are aiming to support 8 individuals in the first year.

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