Governance, People and Risk TOR Nov 2018


Updated: 04/10/19


Governance, People and Risk Committee Terms of Reference

Chairman: Trustee as appointed by the Board of Directors Responsible to: Board of Directors


The Governance, People and Risk Committee’s key responsibilities are to: - Promoting and monitoring sound Corporate Governance including staff relations - Ensuring that ACT complies with its legal obligations - Reviewing and making recommendations to the Board on the recruitment, structure, size and composition of the Board - Overseeing Human Relations aspects including staff and volunteer training policy and wellbeing, including staff and volunteer benefits - Governing ACT’s Safeguarding, EDI and Health and Safety responsibilities - Overseeing the annual review of all ACT’s policies and procedures - Monitoring the Risk Management process and the bi-annual review of the charity's strategic risk - Monitor the performance of the Trust against its Environmental Action and Business Continuity Plans on an annual basis


The Board of Directors will appoint the Chair of the Committee, with membership comprising of a minimum of three additional directors/trustees plus the Director of Operations and the Director of Business Support. Membership of the Committee will be reviewed annually or as changes in local and national policy may prompt. Other members will be co-opted as required.


The Governance, People and Risk Committee will advise the Board of Directors on issues falling within the remit of its purpose. Overall responsibility for decisions rest with the Board.

Meetings and Papers

Meetings will be held quarterly, subject to review from time to time, or more frequently as circumstances may require. Meetings will be facilitated by the Director of Operations. Any member may request inclusion of items in the agenda of a meeting. Relevant papers should be passed to the Director of Operations for circulation. Agenda papers will normally be circulated 5 working days before each meeting. Draft minutes will normally be circulated by email following each meeting and will be deemed to have been approved unless an objection is raised by one or more voting members within 12 working days of circulation.

Voting and Quoracy

Only members of the Board of Directors will have voting rights. Decisions will normally be by consensus. In the event of a disagreement, a vote will be taken and the majority view will prevail. The Chair shall have casting vote in the event of an even balance of voting. A minimum of three voting members must be present. The Chair shall have the power to waive this requirement as appropriate. In the absence of the Chair a Vice-Chair will be appointed by the Committee members and he/she will assume all responsibilities of the chair.