Board Meeting Minutes 11-06-18


Updated: 05/09/19


ANGLIA CARE TRUST BOARD MEETING, Monday 11 June 2018, ACT HQ 8 The Square Martlesham Heath Ipswich IP5 3SL

PRESENT: Colin Shiers (CS) – Chair, Jane Simpson (JS), Ann Bryant (AB), Sandy Lloyd (SL), Colin Reid (CR), Graham Walker (GW)

1. Apologies

Keith Whitton (KW), Roy Wisdom (RW), Richard Trotter (RT) Rachael Wyartt (RWt) was absent.

2. Election of new Chair

CS advised that he was stepping down as Chair with immediate effect. He would be remaining on the Board as a Trustee. He stated that there had been discussions and that GW had agreed to take on the role. This was proposed by CR and seconded by SL. The Board agreed unanimously that GW would become Chair with immediate effect. CR noted that there was support from all Board members, including those not present. GW stated that whilst he had not imagined becoming Chair so quickly, he was honoured and thankful to be asked. CR expressed the Board’s gratitude to CS for all he had done, having built on the knowledge he had gained being an Appropriate Adult for many years working at the frontline. He noted he had remained very committed and developed a great insight into the staff which had been of enormous benefit to the Board. He thanked CS for his guidance. GW moved onto the issue of electing a new vice-Chair. He stated that RW had agreed to take on the role. This was proposed by GW and seconded by CS. CS went on to thank AB for all her hard work and support as vice-Chair.

3. Any other business

Due to changes in roles, there were some meeting dates to be changed. GW proposed changing the next Board meeting from 18th June to 26th June. SL mentioned changing the September finance meeting as RW was unable to make the set date. JS agreed to look at this and confirm separately. There was no other business.