Turning a Life Around


X became homeless after he left his abusive ex-partner. They had been together for 20 years and had 9 children between the ages of 3 and 17 and X gave up his job a few years ago to support his partner with childcare believing that this would help the situation and minimise the emotional abuse that he got from her.

After 3 years of him taking the role as the main caregiver to the children, the abuse was as bad as ever, and X made the hard decision to leave. Our outreach worker met X after a referral from Tendring District Council (TDC) – at this point he had been sofa-surfing with friends for the past 2 weeks. X was embarrassed that, at 38, he found himself in this situation – not only homeless, but also a male victim of domestic abuse . We helped him collect the documents that TDC required before they would give him a housing assessment, and put his name forward for a property with a local landlord, attending the interview with him. X was offered the property (a bedsit) and then helped to update his Universal Credit with the new tenancy. After liaising with the landlord, he was kind enough to supply some furniture and white goods. TDC helped to pay for the deposit and first month’s rent in advance.

Throughout the process X talked about getting back to work so that he could afford a bigger property and have his children over to stay.  Within 3 days of moving into the bedsit he had arranged job interviews. He had a background in tyre fitting (JCB and farm equipment) and, within just 2 weeks of moving in, he phoned our outreach worker to say that he’d been offered a job at £30,000 a year plus bonus and a work van, doing industrial tyre fitting. A great result means that X is currently saving up for a bigger property where his children can come and visit. Although at the moment he hasn’t addressed the domestic abuse in his past, his life is moving in a positive direction.

Thank you to Mark, our outreach worker, for all your efforts, you’ve done great work.