The Great Outdoors


Clare is volunteering and doing some support with a lady we’ll refer to as “X” in our Satellite Refuge Accommodation. X had managed to secure an allotment. During Clare’s visit, they talked about many things:

  • General allotment issues, care for soil, planting, pests, etc
  • X’s son and his enthusiasm for the allotment and how she was letting him help out and choose what to plant in some places
  • X’s plans for the future – her plans to meet with her Employment Advisor and her plans to get qualifications to lead her into youth work
  • X’s Mental health and the importance of being in the open air.

Whilst they were there, they met another lady who has the allotment next door to X’s. She is looking out for X and keen to bring her into the allotment community. She passed on lots of useful information and offered X some strawberry plants that she was pulling up. X now knows about the community hut where they share their surplus and keep each other informed about any problems or developments. X is also going to do a course relating to mental health and the outdoors. It’s such a positive story and shows how we can support someone who has escaped domestic abuse to re-start their life in such a brilliant way. Thank you to Clare, you have made such a difference. And thank you to Jodie and Zarina who have worked with X in their support roles to get her where she is today.