Joined up working at its best


We wanted to end the week with one of our service user success stories:

N first came onto the Drug and Alcohol Recovery Outreach service (DAROS) in August 2021. At this time he was heavily dependent on alcohol and frequently attending A&E for alcohol related illness and withdrawals. N was also very depressed and had made attempts on his life. He was not attending any other services, however he had been seen by the mental health team at the hospital on multiple occasions. There were a lot of underlying causes for his depression and alcoholism, including a strained relationship with his family due to his problematic drinking and lots of debt caused by it. He lost his job after his mental health became too chaotic and his drinking increased and this sent him further into a downward spiral. His drinking was causing issues at his shared accommodation and his landlord had issued him with an eviction notice, with a notice period of 4 months.

N engaged very well with DAROS support from the beginning, being very open and honest with all the issues he was facing. He quickly built a rapport with the team and a plan was put in place to get his life back on track. DAROS made referrals to other services that ACT provide, including our Money Advice Service and Employment Support Service. DAROS also referred N to Turning Point Recovery Treatment Service for specialist support to safely reduce his alcohol consumption. He had a particularly bad experience with alcohol in the later part of 2021, where he ended up in hospital for some time, receiving a detox. When N returned home from his hospital stay he was very determined to keep sober and really work with the DARO staff to get back on track.

His support worker then referred N to our STARS programme, so he could be safely accommodated and receive further support on his recovery journey. He was accepted and moved into the property in late October 2021. N has also received brilliant support from Money Advice, and they are currently working with him to help resolve his debts.

N has now been sober for 4 months and reports improved mental and physical health. He also reports having an improved relationship with his family now that he is more stable in his own life. He continues to work well with the STARS programme, Money Advice and Employment Support Services. DAROS support is due to come to an end in the near future.

This story is an excellent example of the unique multi-service approach we have at ACT, providing services based on the individual needs of the service user, which can really help bring a person back from a particularly dark place and empower them to make better decisions for their future to lead a better life. Well done to Laura from DAROS for all the work you have done to support N on his recovery, and to STARS and the Money Advice team for continuing to support him – great team work from all of you.