A Person-Centred Success Story


Here’s a great success story from our Temporary Housing Team – it illustrates the level of support that one service user receives and demonstrates our person-centred service:

J was attacked at work and, as a result, his sight was damaged and he received a diagnosis of macular degeneration, a progressive condition.  He lost his job, income and accommodation, and the impact on J and his family was devastating: his long-term relationship ended as a result of this devastating trauma.

J was offered accommodation in our Temporary Housing project.  He had no benefits in place, so we supported him to apply for the relevant benefits.  ACT supported J to register with a local doctor’s surgery and to attend the hospital on a weekly basis for injections to his eyes to avoid further damage.

J’s outlook on life and his mental health greatly improved.  We supported him to register on Gateway to Home-Choice as he wanted to find suitable accommodation  so that he could familiarise himself with his surroundings before losing his sight completely. Finally in October 2021, after two years of bidding, J managed to secure a one bed flat.  ACT’s support worker applied to various charities to help J furnish the place and, as he had taken advice and saved some money during the pandemic, J managed to carpet the flat with his savings.  He was supported with an application for removal costs and to apply for the warm home discount scheme and received a one-off payment of £140 towards his utilities.  Finally, ACT helped J to put in a Personal Independence Payment claim, as his eye condition had deteriorated further.

Since the move J’s relationship with his family has greatly improved.  His support worker has visited him 3 times since the move to ensure that he is ok and he has confirmed that he does not require further support. When our team Coordinator made a follow up call, she said that feedback was lovely and J had said he couldn’t have asked for more from ACT.

Thank you to Mandana – that’s such a great piece of work, you must be really proud.