Day 10 of our Volunteering Countdown


It’s Day 10 of our #12DaysofVolunteering and we thought we’d let one of our amazing volunteers tell you what they think about the whole experience:

“I have been involved in volunteering and fundraising from as young as I can remember. It started out as a Christian expectation growing up in a Christian household, however years after ditching religion, I continued volunteering.

Volunteering is not only an opportunity to learn a wide range of skills but a great way to give back to society. I feel good when I see somebody is happier, safer, or has food, clothes or simply just an improved quality of life as a result of helping them get back on track.

Volunteering for ACT as AA in particular I know I can ensure those who are in police custody and are vulnerable due to age or mental health are receiving a fair and just intervention and that their rights are respected regardless of the crimes they are accused of.”