Housing Team Praised for their Over and Above Service

Our Housing Team received a really nice thank you letter from a service user this week. He had severe mental health issues and was rough sleeping. Due to the pandemic and the “Everyone in” strategy, he was found some temporary accommodation at a local hotel just outside Ipswich.

ACT interviewed him and found him more suitable accommodation in one of the STEPS beds, where he could feel more in a home and have ongoing support from Les, rather than being left alone in the hotel. After working really hard to help him move on, his workers Sharon and Les were successful in getting him a Discretionary Housing Payment, which paid for his deposit and first month’s rent in advance for a private rented property. He is now settled and looking forward to the future. He wrote to Wayne, our Housing Service Manager:

“I’d like to send this letter to you as a note of my appreciation and thanks to a few fantastic people within ACT. Firstly, to Les who was first on the scene last year, to assist in providing me accommodation after my time at the Best Western hotel (as a homeless person), came to an end.

Secondly, to Sharon who was my housing officer at my temporary home.  Not only was she my Housing Officer, but a great person of support and positive direction. At a point in my life when I was feeling low and vulnerable, Sharon ensured that I felt safe, cared for and that the housemates welfare were her top priority.

Finally, to the other Les who took over as my HO when I moved to my new home.  Les proved to be an absolute tower of strength in all aspects of pushing me to be a stronger and more confident individual.  He was there to help, at every opportunity and went out of his way on more than one occasion to help with any concerns I had.

Sharon and Les, helped me in this next step of my journey, by helping me move into my current accommodation, allowing me the opportunity to grow and develop, hopefully getting back to my positive, forward looking self.

They are a credit to Anglia Care Trust, and I really can’t thank them enough. I’m sure I’ll reach out for their support in the future and I know they’ll assist. But for now, please just accept my sincere gratitude.

Kind regards”

Thank you to Les, Les and Sharon – this is exactly why ACT exists and you have achieved exactly what we set out to do – to help those who need our support to move on and make their way independently. Amazing work.