Evictions Ban Extended – Our Advice to You


Renters will continue to be supported during the ongoing national lockdown restrictions, with an extension to the ban on bailiff evictions, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick announced on 14th February. The ban, which was introduced at the start of the pandemic, has been extended for another 6 weeks – until 31 March – with measures kept under review in line with the latest public health advice.

Exemptions remain in place for the most serious circumstances that cause the greatest strain on landlords as well as other residents and neighbours, such as illegal occupation, anti-social behaviour and arrears of 6 months’ rent or more.

Our Money Advisers work as duty court officers on possessions hearings at Ipswich County Court with the service ICCARS (Ipswich County Court Advice & Representation Service) they assist tenants who arrive at court without a solicitor. They see first-hand the tenants who face the repossession of their home, in some cases these situations can often be avoided by seeking help earlier.

Of course, when the tenant receives the warrant for possession it can often be too late to avoid eviction. Whilst it is positive that evictions have been suspended again, we need to ensure that those at risk do not just “bury their heads”, and seek the help they need to resolve their issues.

Our Money Advice Team is non-judgemental and provides holistic advice to help with your situation.  They give advice on all your options for dealing with your situation in the best way for your circumstances. We promote early intervention, advising anyone in rent arrears (or general financial difficulties), to seek help and advice from a debt advice agency sooner rather than later.

Anglia Care Trust are currently working in partnership with a number of local agencies to provide the Suffolk Advice and Support Service helpline to provide this early advice – call Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm – it’s free and confidential and is open to everyone, no matter what your circumstance: 0800 068 3131

The message from our Money Advice Team is clear: “Early advice and assistance means that you have more options to deal with your debts, the longer you leave it, the more severe the consequences and the less choice you have to deal with the situation”.