Determination saves a life


Here’s the story of N, a service user that our Drug and Alcohol Recovery Outreach Support (DAROS) team had concerns about, and how sheer determination potentially saved a life:
One of our DAROS officers had been working with N and had serious concerns about his health and ability to care for himself following hospital admissions – there were serious signs of self-neglect. Over 18 months, our officer had completed 4 safeguarding referrals to Customer First and all had been deemed ‘No Further Action’.
Finally, after trying to get hold of N, and doing a welfare check with another colleague, the officer was unable to get him to answer his door. His daughter was asked to come round with a key and our team found N asleep on the sofa, frail, confused and disorientated. He was complaining of severe pains throughout his torso and so an ambulance was called – N was persuaded to go to hospital. Our DAROS officer’s primary concern was that N needed a care package in place for when he was discharged from hospital, otherwise his health would continue to deteriorate and that he was at risk of passing away fairly soon.
Once again Social Care rejected our referral. One of the Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSO) picked up the case with Customer First to challenge the rejection – as a result, the outcome was changed – Social Services contacted our officer to let him know that they had allocated a case and would be carrying out the care assessment to determine the best way to support N.
Thank you so much to Alex from our DAROS team, and Nicki, DSO – your tenacity and obvious care for N has potentially saved his life. The moral of this story is, determination is often needed; and that our Safeguarding Team is here to assist – together we can all effect positive change.