Our Christmas Message



Whilst we’ve all personally had a tough time this year, what hasn’t changed is ACT’s commitment to our service users. When we set our budgets, at a time when the word Covid was hardly known, we had no idea what was ahead. We’ve recently looked at our 6 month results and we are achieving everything we set out to and more, despite everything that has happened. How? Well really it’s down to our incredible staff and volunteers who have continued to deliver our services whatever barriers have been put in their way. Their imagination and innovation to continue to deliver is second to none – from Zoom, to meeting outside, to endless telephone support, to writing old-fashioned letters – they’ve all found ways to carry on regardless.
So, we’re really proud to say that not even a global pandemic can get in the way of ACT’s support of our service users. Thank you all so much. Merry Christmas to all at ACT: to our incredible staff and our amazing band of volunteers; to our service users and to everyone that’s supported us by donating, fundraising and supporting our work.