47 families supported through lockdown – here’s how…


Last week we mentioned that we were in the last week of using up the Covid 19 Hardship Fund. Thanks to Suffolk Community Foundation, we were given £5,000 to award grants to people affected by Covid 19 and causing them hardship. We are so pleased to say that not only did we spend the full amount, we were oversubscribed by just under another £1K by the deadline. All organisations who had the grant had to send back any unspent money, and because of this, we were awarded the oversubscribed amount and we were able to give grants to EVERY application  – that’s 47 different people/families to whom we were able to make a difference. As well as food parcels/cleaning products, we thought you might like to see a sample of some of the other grants we awarded:

  • 6 individuals fleeing domestic abuse with help to set up their new homes – £1,608
  • 1 individual fleeing domestic abuse with removal costs – £200
  • 8 victims of domestic abuse received Ring doorbells – £524
  • 2 individuals had help with rent because of hardship – £452
  • 1 individual had help with bankruptcy fees caused by DA and Covid – £300
  • 1 newly housed homeless person had help with clothes as he had a new home, but nothing to wear – £150
  • 1 victim of domestic abuse had help to mend a fence to stop the perpetrator getting in – £211
  • 1 victim had help to provide winter clothes for her children – £250
  • 2 victims had help to pay for transport as they could not get a lift with their usual provider because of Covid – £52
  • 3 unemployed service users who were unable to use public computers in libraries etc. because they were closed due to Covid, were supported to buy second hand laptops and smartphones to do their job searches at home – £500