Praise for our Housing Team

Last week we met with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government who fund us, through Ipswich Borough Council (IBC), to provide our emergency STEPS beds for Rough Sleepers; the funding we have is renewed each year. Their officer told us how happy he was with the work we are doing and our partnership to deliver the Rough Sleeper Initiative with IBC, Selig, Sanctuary and IHAG.

He also advised us that, in his role as adviser to districts and boroughs all over England, he often held the Ipswich partnership up as a model way of working. This was great feedback, so thank you to all of the Housing Team who contribute to STEPS – your hard work is appreciated. And thanks to the wider Housing Team – it was noted at the meeting that all the positive move-ons that we have from STEPS into Supported Accommodation are into ACT properties.