Great praise for our D.A.R.O.S. team

We’d like to share some lovely feedback that we got for the Drug and Alcohol Outreach Support (DAROS) team, from the Service Delivery Manager at Sanctuary Supported Living in Felixstowe this week. She wrote:

Our residents are struggling with not being able to access any support for their alcohol and drug use from anywhere apart from yourself. We are literally referring everyone to you via DAROS referral as you are the only port of call for us.  You never turn anyone away and it amazes how you take time to see them all. I am concerned about how much work we are putting your way as you are doing the work of a team as there are no other alcohol support teams who will come out to see residents currently due to restrictions. Alex, we are so grateful for your continued support and if it was not for you ASB may be much higher – you are potentially saving lives and accommodation.

Thank you”

Well done DAROS and a great commendation for Alex! We will never tire of saying thank you to all our staff and volunteers who work so hard for our service users and help us maintain the excellent reputation that we have – thank you!

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