Suffolk Domestic Abuse Helpline Story

We received a telephone call to the Suffolk Domestic Abuse Helpline from K. She sounded very low on the phone and said she needed to flee her relationship. Her husband was working away in Wales but would be returning to the family home the next evening. 

K had been to see her GP due to her low mood and they had signed her off work. Her GP also informed K about our Helpline number – we’re very grateful to all organisations, individuals, and businesses that pass on the number. K said that she had attempted to leave her husband in January 2020 but he had found the number for a refuge on her, they had argued and she was too frightened to leave him at that time. 

ACT called the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV), on behalf of K which triggered a refuge search. The NCDV responded within a few hours after they had completed a refuge search to see what spaces were available for a mother with two children. The NCDV responded with available spaces in Cambridge and Bedfordshire which could accommodate K and her children. 

ACT contacted K and encouraged her to contact both refuges. K’s response was too late for the Cambridge refuge space and K was unsure if she wanted to go to Bedfordshire. ACT gave K the reference number for her refuge search meaning her contact details would already be on the NCDV database and K would not have to repeat her story or provide her personal details again.  

During this time, K purchased an inexpensive mobile enabling ACT to keep in regular contact; making sure K was safe and planning when she could flee safely now that her husband had returned to the family home. 

On 16th June, ACT received a text message from K saying she had been offered a space in a Lincolnshire refuge which she was considering taking as her brother lived in the county. ACT reiterated the safe plan and helped K to formulate an exit plan in readiness for when she and the children would be fleeing.  

K was in regular contact with ACT and on the 22nd June confirmed she and her children were safe and had moved into the refuge. We wish K and her children all the best with their new life.

Please pass on the Suffolk Domestic Abuse Helpline number to anyone that may need help.