Our teams think outside of the box

We often talk about how our teams work together to support service users and wanted to share with you a rather unusual success story which comes from the Money Advice and Drug and Alcohol Outreach teams (DAROS):

“K is a DAROS service user and is being currently being supported by the team. Unable to work due to his poor mental health including stress, anxiety, and agoraphobia, he received two Fixed Penalty Notices (fines) which were for “fare dodging” for train journeys he allegedly took from Lowestoft to Ipswich and then from Ipswich to Felixstowe.

The DAROS worker was fairly certain K did not make these trips as he had been supporting him the day before and when asked what K was doing the next day he clearly stated he was staying at home. The Money Advice team challenged the fines and but were unable to produce any current/ valid photographic I.D. as K’s passport was out of date and he didn’t drive so had no license. It seems that someone else gave K’s name when caught for fare dodging, but they gave an out of date address he hadn’t lived at for a number of years. So they tried another tactic.

The DAROS worker took a photo of K and a photo of an old out of date passport and got them certified. The Money Advice team then explained K’s poor mental health and challenged the debt declaring his agoraphobia and asked them to provide CCTV evidence confirming that K was guilty. No such evidence appeared. As a result of this both the debts were cleared and no further action will be taken.

K was extremely happy with this outcome and very relieved that he will not be prosecuted.

Well done to the teams for thinking “outside of the box” and fixing this issue!