What happens to homeless service users after lockdown?

Today’s article in the Ipswich Star points out the need for support for those facing housing problems once lockdown restrictions are eased and temporary accommodation is no longer available: https://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/news/ipswich-homelessness-fears-after-coronavirus-1-6710511

At ACT, our primary aim is to offer a person-centred approach. We offer support, advice, and action to individuals that doesn’t just mean offering them a roof over their heads: money advice, mediation, and debt management (to support both tenants and landlords), employment advice, and support with court representation in cases of eviction.
Keith Whitton, our Director of Operations says: “ACT is working alongside local authorities, housing associations and charities across Suffolk to ensure that those currently in Temporary Accommodation, have both a place to stay, together with the support they need to sustain their tenancies.
The transition for many will be challenging and in helping to meet those challenges, local authorities along with us and other providers of accommodation and support are considering how traditional housing support models could possibly be redesigned to better meet the needs of ‘homeless’ people often with complex health and support needs. An example has been our delivery of the ‘Housing First’ model which has seen great success in Ipswich whereby individuals with complex needs are intensively supported within their homes. 
This experience and others lead us to firmly believe that part of the solution to ending homelessness in Suffolk is enhancing access to accommodation for the homeless, along with intensive, yet flexible support which focusses upon the individual and their circumstances rather than assuming everyone must conform to the service on offer. “