A Day of Reflection on Two Intrinsically Linked Issues

Having been founded nearly 50 years ago as a charity primarily supporting people who needed housing support, our service users are diverse and have many different needs. With the varied services that we offer, we provide housing services to vulnerable people and families who may be in any number of situations: they may be ex-offenders; they may have issues with drugs or alcohol; they may be fleeing an abusive partner; they may have debt issues. But, whatever situation our service users find themselves in, they invariably need help with more than just housing.

We’ve grown organically over the years, as our service users have needed support, advice and action in many different areas. Mental health is certainly an issue for many people who refer themselves or are referred to us.

Today is a day to reflect on both homelessness and mental health. With the NHS campaign “Every Mind Matters”; and the “Time To Change” initiative calling for the end of mental health discrimination, we’re proud to offer services that help to keep a roof over people’s heads, to help people feel safe and to help people to be heard.

You can find some of the ACT team on the Cornhill in Ipswich today, alongside many other charities who all work together to tackle homelessness in our community. If you’re in the area, call past and chat – Ipswich Soup Kitchen is providing free tea and coffee and we’re all there to answer questions and to let people know how we all link up to provide services to those people that need us.

Reflect today on homelessness and mental health and understand that everyone has a history; everyone has their own story.