Food, Fun and Fundraising – an Evening of Spectacular Entertainment at our Annual Charity Ball

Our video shows a small sample of last year’s #event – we absolutely had a ball!

Between 7pm and midnight, you’ll be treated to an evening which includes:

  • welcome drink
  • 3-course dinner with table wine
  • the best in entertainment – #firebreathers, #acrobatics, #magic and more
  • irresistible music
  • table-top #raffle
  • silent charity #auction of local experiences/delights

Tickets are £65 individually or £600 for a table of 10 and include all of the above – roll up and get your tickets here – obviously they are limited and we’re taking deposits only until 1st September.

So, a little bit about our event, and why we’re hosting it:

As you may know, ACT are a #multi-service charity helping people to keep a roof over their heads, to stay safe and to be heard. We have a team of over 100 staff and 220 #volunteers and our services are both statutory funded and also #charitably funded. Our #charitable #funding allows us to offer services such as #MoneyAdvice and help for survivors of #DomesticAbuse, alongside many of the other services that we offer. With statutory funding decreasing year-on-year, we know that we must publicise the services that we offer to a wider audience.

Alongside funding, we are also venturing into new geographic areas – we offer our #AppropriateAdult services across both #Suffolk and #Norfolk and we offer other services across the two counties, plus parts of #Essex.

For the above reasons we decided, last year, to create an annual event – one at which we could not only celebrate the work that we do, but raise awareness of our charity throughout our #local #community. With opportunities for individual and #corporate #volunteering, and to be considered as a charity of choice across local #businesses, we want to share what it is we do.

We’re also very aware that, as a multi-service charity, it’s a little difficult sometimes to sum it all up and to advertise the help and support that we offer – basically, we support a whole person – not just one aspect of their lives. For example, we may have a domestic abuse survivor referred to us – they can benefit from our #housing services, our money advice and #employment advice but also our #family-based services. We’re a charity that can offer several services to a single person – rather than involving many other organisations. Obviously when necessary, we also refer people to and from other colleague #charities and #agencies.

We also have an #empowerment fund – something that’s purely topped up by donations. The empowerment fund does exactly what it says on the tin – it #empowers our #serviceusers – for example, our team can apply to the empowerment fund for #transport costs for a money advice service user to get to a meeting; or for an #employment advice service user to buy new clothes for an #interview; we can also use it to provide those home comforts for a #survivor of domestic abuse to get back onto their feet.

So, in order to raise awareness, raise funds and raise interaction with our local community, we decided to host an annual charity ball. You’ll see from the video, above, that our first ball, last year, was a massive success – we met so many great people, met our goals and literally had a ball in the process!

If you’d like to have the best evening out, all for a good cause, please do roll up, roll up and get your tickets while you can – bring family, bring friends, get a load of workmates together; if you’re a business manager/owner etc., why not treat your staff?

Thanks so much for your support


p.s. whether you can make it or not, we’d be very grateful if you could spread the word on social media – please share, share, share on Insta/FB/LinkedIn/Twitter – thanks!