Student volunteers help us and help themselves

“I was studying Criminology and Youth Studies at University of Suffolk and decided I wanted to complete get some experience in a relevant field. Having researched different agencies, charities and organisations I applied to volunteer for Anglia Care Trust (ACT).


I began volunteering in 2016 within the housing team and was also an Appropriate Adult for Bury St Edmunds Police Investigation Centre. The experience that this gave me was invaluable to my studies – carrying out two roles in my spare time allowed me a great insight into the workings of the justice system and, in housing, it put some of the struggles that people face into perspective.

Once I graduated from University I continued to volunteer for ACT alongside a full-time job that I had taken.

In 2017, a Supported Housing Officer vacancy came up within ACT and I decided to apply for this – I had great experience!

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I was offered the job and, almost two years in, I still find offering support to vulnerable people and chaotic individuals extremely rewarding. I also enjoy empowering our tenants to become confident and capable of living independently.”

Volunteering as a student is extremely rewarding – it allows you to see for yourself how things work outside of the classroom. The experience you gain will always stand you in good stead when it comes to graduating and looking for employment. The training that we offer and the skills that you develop as a volunteer are valuable when talking to future employers too.

At ACT, we always talk to our amazing team of over 130 volunteers when we have a job vacancy – we know how hard they all work and we know that the training they’ve received and the experience that they’ve gained is exactly what we need.

If you’d like to volunteer at ACT, we have many different roles – from Appropriate Adult and Independent Visiting to Domestic Abuse Support, Money Advice and Mentoring – for more information, click here , call us on 01473 622888 or email: [email protected]