ACT on supporting a whole person, not just a single issue

ACT received a repeat referral for a service user who had not engaged 6 months previously. One of our Domestic Abuse Outreach team arranged to meet the service user in their own home where they disclosed that they’d had a negative experience with past professionals, especially the police, when reporting sexual abuse.

We reassured the service user and told them about the services we could offer to support her and her family: our support plan could include housing support, money advice, setting up a non-molestation order, mental health support, access to the Freedom Programme, as well as one-to-one support for their child and help with getting back into employment.

Once a plan was in place, we supported the service user in a number of ways:

    • We completed a safety plan with the service user which included getting a separate phone for the perpetrator and blocking them on the main phone, calling the police, checks on the property, locking doors and identifying a safe place to go for help/support.

ACT supported the service user by writing a letter to the council to support their banding which was increased to move in Suffolk. ACT completed one-to-one sessions with their child at the school to build their self-confidence, and also referred the child onto the school nurse for further support.

ACT gave the service user information on how to obtain a non-molestation order which the SU consequently phoned up about; they ultimately decided against this as the perpetrator not being in contact for a long period of time.

ACT also encouraged the service user to set up regular payments for child maintenance due to the perpetrator threatening not to pay. They had threatened to withhold money if if the service user blocked their number, and had also made threats towards their safety. We supported the service user to ensure that this was sorted out.

After 9 months of support the service user felt that they were ready to start looking for employment. With our help and support, they are now in part-time employment to help support the family – they’ve said that they “feel more like me and not just a parent again“.

After supporting the family for around a year and a half, ACT have now closed this particular case. The service user was extremely grateful and said “Life is getting a lot easier for me now. Thank you for all your help for both me and my children – I couldn’t have got this far without the support from you and your team“.