Website new features

Following on from our rebrand, new marketing materials and website, we’ve listened to feedback from our staff, colleague agencies and service users and have added lots of new features to our website. Take a look at the following:

  • Translation facility – now our website can be translated into any languages by accessing the Google Translate feature in the bottom, right-hand corner
  • Discreet viewing feature. We understand that some of our service users may wish to access our website, but may need to exit quickly if overlooked. By using the ‘escape’ key, our website disappears and the BBC News site takes its place. Please read more by clicking on ‘view site discreetly’ in our header bar for advice on deleting your history, cache and associated cookies.
  • We’ve separated out many of the larger sections of our website to allow visitors to find information much more easily. For example, we now have a separate recruitment section, allowing prospective job hunters to find available posts more easily. We’ve also separated out our donations section so that supporting ACT is easier too.