Do you want to earn more and save more?

There has been a lot of talk in the news about inflation, savings, how people spend their money and how to get help if you are struggling with debt, however much of this advice is not available to those who are trying to avoid falling into debt, or just want to make the money they have go a little further .

Anglia Care Trust can offer advice and guidance through a programme called ‘Earn It Don’t Burn It’ funded by Orbit Housing.

Under the programme we can offer support, guidance, tools and tips on how to:

  • Increase your income through earning money online
  • Reduce spend using online tools and apps
  • Negotiating bills down with suppliers
  • Day to day budgeting and money management
  • Applying for Grants or other assistance.

The programme is predominantly available to Orbit tenants, but if you are a non-Orbit tenant and would like some advice please give us a call.

Here are some examples of how we have helped people to save money for things they didn’t think they could afford:

Miss W was trying to find enough money for driving lessons to widen her search for a new job – She used budgeting tools to manage spend and looked at online applications to save/earn extra money.

Mr & Mrs R were keen to find enough spare money for a once a month ‘meal out treat’ – Via the programme they engaged with utility suppliers to reduce gas and electricity costs and resolve a supplier dispute resulting in a refund and reduced monthly costs.

Mr K was working 16 hours a week and just about keeping his head above water with no spare money to put ‘a bit of fun into life’ – He was supported to make housing benefit and council tax reduction claims, apply for a reduced water tariff and reduce gas and electricity costs by reviewing and changing his supplier. All of this increased his monthly disposable income by 26%!

For more information of how we can help you, please contact Chris Goldsmith on 01473 622888