Money advice stops risk of mum’s deportation

A is a Polish national who has lived and worked in the UK for 9 years. She has suffered from domestic abuse and a violent assault during the last year. A became a lone parent as a consequence, with a 1-year old child born with a major heart and lung defect who has spent extended periods hospitalised.

A felt she had no choice but to leave work and to care for her child full-time, but was unaware of the strict benefit regulations for EEA Nationals – she immediately lost her right of residence in the UK. After three months of multiple appeals, ACT’s Money Adviser managed to assemble the evidence to prove that A has permanent residence rights and, as a result, this has now been re-instated.

With ACT’s help, A has avoided eviction and the risk of deportation; she can now remain in the UK, has now been awarded full benefit entitlement and can attend to her child.