Savings success

R was referred through the ACT Employment Service to #EarnitDon’tBurnIt. She is a survivor of Domestic Abuse living on her own with 2 small children, managing to pay her bills having no spare cash available to her for emergencies / days out with her children. R felt very lonely and isolated with her children, not being able to get out and enjoy time with her young family.

ACT worked with R to show her online sites where she is able to save / earn money without affecting her benefits. She was introduced to different modules, for example Earning Money Online and she has signed up to Swagbucks earning herself £10. R is also now doing online surveys to earn cinema vouchers and she has signed up to Ebay and has been successful in selling the children’s old clothes and toys, putting all the money she has earned in a tin to save for her and her children to have a holiday next year.

R has been taught to use price comparison websites and has now managed to build up her confidence to question retailers when they sell a product she knows to be more expensive than another store. She has succeeded in price matching her daughter’s birthday present saving herself an extra £5.

R has gone on to the GOV.UK website and has applied for a warm discount giving her £140 per year towards her Gas and Electricity bills. She also managed to set this up for her mum and her older daughter. She has applied to Anglian Water for a new scheme in which they are offering for people on low incomes ‘Anglia Water Lite’ – and is currently awaiting for the award which will reduce her water bill from £51 to £21 per month.

Along with many other things that she has learned, R has signed up to online banking and checks her bank statements regularly. She has now set up 3 new bank accounts; 1 each for her 2 children and is managing to save £5 per month each. In a separate account she is managing to save £10 per month by Direct Debit.

R is feeling more and more confident; she has sourced the cheapest car parks in Bury St Edmunds where she lives, she treats her children each week by offering them new books from the library. We are also delighted that R has now set up a coffee morning every Thursday at her local church for families and has discussed some of the modules to other mums at the group.

R contacts ACT regularly, and keeps us up to date with any new savings she has managed to make. Her holiday tin is getting very full! She has thanked ACT for encouraging her to read all leaflets that come with any bills. Our ACT officer has noticed a significant change in R’s attitude and behaviour – she has become much happier and confident and her 2 young children seem to be much happier too.

For more information and to see how we can help Call us on 01473 622888 #earnitdontburnit, @we_aredigital