Support turns lives around

M was a consistent non–engager with agencies that tried to help her; she led a very chaotic life and her physical and mental health were very poor. Here’s how, at a crucial point, she accepted help and began to move forward:

M was well known to the police and she was a regular sex-worker in Ipswich town centre. M was known as a notorious shoplifter and regularly used drugs and alcohol, often causing anti-social behaviour. M would not engage with substance misuse services.

M was referred to ACT following her last admission to hospital as her physical health had taken a sharp decline. After asking for support she stayed in hospital for nearly two weeks and was given an in-patient detox. ACT helped M to secure an emergency
bed when she came out of hospital and helped her secure her benefit payments. We supported M to access health and substance misuse services, taking her to her hospital appointments and supporting her through the housing process – giving vital encouragement and help along the way.

M is now in a secure emergency bed in Ipswich; she is engaging with Turning Point, ‘…one of the largest providers of substance misuse services in England… with a range of drug and alcohol services help(ing) people recover from addiction and gain control of their lives,’ and is on script which she collects daily. With ACT’s support she has also completed housing applications to enable her to find more permanent accommodation. In turn, securing safer accommodation, M has been able to stop sex working – she is continuing to work on reducing her alcohol and drug use with Turning Point – not the end of the journey for M by any means but a fantastic start and hope for a much brighter future.