Less is sometimes more

ACT received a self-referral from a Mum, H, who had been a victim of domestic violence. She had 3 children aged 2, 9 & 12 years old; one of her children had behavioural issues and was being assessed for autism. 

Sadly, the father of H’s children was inconsistent with visiting the children, and sometimes missed pre-arranged sessions altogether; this was significantly affecting the behaviour of her children, especially the son who already had his own issues.

ACT arranged a meeting with H to explore the problems surrounding contact.  It was suggested that the father was promising a level of contact that he could not, and did not sustain.  Furthermore, H was being encouraged by professionals to request more contact.

ACT encouraged and helped H to write to the father.  He agreed to a new pattern of contact; one that suited them both.  H reports that the children have been happier and calmer since the new contact arrangements have been in place, that her son’s behaviour has improved and that this has reduced the conflict within the family household.

Four months later, the father is continuing to adhere to the new contact arrangements and the family are settled.