Multiple services mean holistic support

L was a victim of domestic abuse and was referred to ACT’s Domestic Abuse Outreach Service (DAOS), as well as to our Money Advice service. She was at risk of eviction and was finding it difficult supporting herself and her young daughter. L had lived in the UK for 8 years and was experiencing poor mental health. She was part of a Team Around the Child (TAC) plan.

As part of the support that we offered L, we helped her to apply for Housing Benefit and a discretionary housing payment to clear her arrears. L was supported to attend medical appointments, TAC meetings and housing appointments.

L now has a part-time job and her health continues to improve. She is no longer on a TAC plan, and has a much improved relationship with her daughter; her confidence has increased and she is now able to deal with her situation independently.

We wanted to share with you the feedback that we received from L: “Before Anglia Care Trust’s intervention, I was considering giving up; you were my saviours”

We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of services – we look at a whole person and not just one aspect of their life – in this instance, as in many others, that paid dividends; we were the constant in L’s life and helped her to be able to support herself.