We’ve rebranded!

Having been in operation for over 40 years, we wanted a recognisable logo that reflected our mission and ethos today, and for the future.

Our branding exercise involved workshops, questionnaires and surveys across our staff, our volunteers, our service users, our partner/colleague agencies and professionals, and the general public – it was important to us that what we created not only sent out the message that we wanted, but that was supported by all.

Bright, full colour and representative of the person being at the heart of our services, our new strapline also encompasses everything that we do: support, advice, action.

As a charity, we’re extremely aware that, although we have a new brand, we still have materials in our previous style – we will use these up, rather than throwing away and replacing; our previous materials still provide information to our service users and partners and we’ll be replacing all materials as they need replenishing.

We love our new look and we know that all of those we consulted do too – it’s certainly true that a change is as good as a rest – we feel refreshed!